Sunday, January 9, 2011

Boone's Creek National Battlefield 1/12

Today has been mainly a day of driving with only one stop between us and the great state of Virginia: Moore’s Creek National Battlefield located in Currie, NC. We woke up early so we could have plenty of time to roam the trails of this battlefield. This battlefield served in the Revolutionary War and was a pivotal part of our nation’s independence. The battle that took place here only lasted approximately five minutes but according to the park ranger, “If this battle hadn’t taken place, we would probably be sitting around drinking tea and eating crumpets.”
The trail of Moore’s Creek National Battlefield consisted of a circular trail that had many monuments erected in honor of fallen heroes and even recognized the importance of women during the war. The bridge along the trail had been reconstructed to replicate the original bridge that the Patriots used to trap the Red Coats in order to complete the possession of the southern colonies forcing the Red Coats to retreat and only try to force northern colonies to stay loyal to the crown.
Aside from this singular stop, our day has only consisted of driving and filling up the tank so that we can ultimately make it to Richmond in a few days. We’re enjoying the ride and the many things we’ve learned thus far. Tune in again tomorrow.

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